Use Astrology to Up-Level Your Yoga Career!

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  • Ways to set yourself apart as a yoga teacher, up-level your skill set and add a new revenue stream to your spiritual career.
  • The incredible link between yoga and astrology -- how they combine to create an incredible system of healing and self-knowledge.
  • How to use the knowledge of astrology to inspire your students, create phenomenally inspiring classes and increase your client-base!
  • The importance of learning the tools necessary to be a modern mystic and a spiritual leader for your community.



"Alchemical Astrology is the ultimate experience! This course is clear, concise, easy to follow and layers information in a logical way that continues to reinforce the previous lesson. The one-on-one attention given by Alanna is unparalleled. I've learned a tremendous amount about my own self and inner landscape, and about how to help others interpret theirs as well! This course gets 5 huge AstroStars!" — Sara M. 





"This 8-week course on astrology gave me a whole new perspective. I am able to understand the language, the concepts of houses, planets and the zodiac, as well as the relationships between these concepts. Instead of feeling overwhelmed when I look at my natal chart, or when I read the blog posts, I feel intrigued and able to understand the writings in a whole new way. This course was jam-packed with information, yet presented in such a way that the concepts could easily be absorbed and digested." — Danél L.